10 year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa for Chinese nationals

On 12 December 2016 the Department of Immigration and Border Protection commenced its trial of the 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa for passport holders of the People’s Republic of China.

This visa is suited to Chinese travellers who need to travel frequently to Australia for short-term stays.  The 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa allows a stay in Australia for up to three months per visit, with multiple entries permitted.  Visa holders will be allowed a cumulative stay of no more than 12 months in any 24 month period.

Applicants for the 10-year Frequent Traveller Visitor visa must apply online from within mainland China. Chinese passport holders wishing to apply for this visa must first make an appointment to provide biometrics identifiers (fingerprints and photograph) at an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in China before lodging an application.

10-year ‘Frequent Traveller’ visitor visa holders are allowed to visit Australia for tourism purposes or to engage in business visitor activities, such as attending a conference.  No work, other than business visitor activities, is permitted on this visa.

Similar to other visitor visas, the 10-year ‘Frequent Traveller’ visitor visa is subject to a condition allowing no more than three months’ study.  Applicants should also be aware that Australia only allows people to hold one visa at a time.  If you plan to change status to another visa in the future, for example to become a student or a skilled worker, you will lose the 10 year validity ‘Frequent Traveller’ visa.

The 10-year ‘Frequent Traveller’ visitor visa will initially be limited in the number of visa places available to give the Australian Government the opportunity to evaluate the program and application process.

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