Our Business

Our Ethos

Live Work Australia provides top quality legal services to businesses and individuals needing immigration assistance.  Our strength is in our team and our lawyers have the skill set to provide innovative and efficient migration solutions to our clients.  We are a results-driven ethical business and utilise a fixed-fee model to provide cost certainty to our clients.

We understand the complexities of the immigration process and the impact that a visa outcome can have on your future.  We are focused on providing a highly individualised and personalised service and we take time to understand the commercial or personal nature of your case.  Whether you are based locally, interstate or internationally you will receive immigration guidance and strategies that are clear, comprehensive, and current.

Our Leaders

Our reputation for excellence in Australian immigration law is built on direct client access to our principal immigration lawyer, Ms Stacey Nitchov.  Stacey Nitchov has extensive experience spanning over fifteen years in the field of immigration law and has assisted hundreds of clients with corporate, skilled, family, student and refugee migration.  She has worked within the Department of Home Affairs (formally Department of Immigration and Citizenship) and was an assistant lecturer at Deakin University.  Her visa processing experience and knowledge of Department processes provides clients of Live Work Australia with access to a unique knowledge base.  She maintains direct management and responsibility of every file.

Stacey Nitchov started Live Work Australia in 2014 on the principle that the immigration process should be managed without stress to the client and that top quality legal advice and client care should be consistent and accessible to all, no matter whether a client is big or small.  Within a short period of time Live Work Australia has developed a reputation for excellence in legal knowledge and client care.


“Live Work Australia's core values are based on excellence in legal representation and client care.  We take a determined and compassionate approach to immigration and refugee law.  We are tenacious in finding migration solutions for our clients.  Our aim was to create a firm where businesses and individuals from across the globe experience the personalised service of dealing with our team in Australia.  Live Work Australia proudly achieves this."  

Stacey Nitchov  (LLB, BA, GDLP)

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