Australian Business Visa

Australia welcomes successful business professionals.  If you are a high calibre business professional or investor, Live Work Australia can help you to live and do business in Australia.

There are a number of Australian visa solutions for people with successful business and investment careers. For people wanting to travel to travel to Australia to scope out business opportunities there are a number of visitor visa options available.  For people who are ready to make a business commitment to Australia and wish to live in Australia, the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa allows visa holders to live in Australia to establish a new business or develop an existing business.  You may also qualify for this business visa if you are willing to invest in a State or Territory approved Australian enterprise.

Business migrants are normally granted a provisional visa for four years.  After establishing a business with the requisite level of business activity or maintaining the requisite level of investment in Australia, provisional visa holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence.  A direct permanent residence visa category is available for high calibre business migrants who are sponsored by State/Territory Governments. This is known as the Business Talent Visa.

Live Work Australia can help you to assess whether you are eligible to apply for a business visa to Australia.  We can assist you if you want to start a business in Australia, run an existing business in Australia or invest in Australia.  To book an initial assessment with a business migration lawyer click here.  Our highly experienced team of immigration lawyers at Live Work Australia will assess your eligibility for a business visa and provide advise on what you need to demonstrate in order to successfully by granted a business visa.

Live Work Australia offer a flat fee per application, providing ad hoc advice at no extra charge.

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