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Booking a consultation

Consultations can be provided in person at our Melbourne or Sydney office, by telephone, or via Skype.


Initial consultations

The first step in finding a solution to your visa problem and getting the right answers is to have a one on one consultation with a qualified Australian Immigration Lawyer.

The purpose of the consultation is to establish the relevant facts of your specific situation.  After gaining a thorough understanding of your goals we will formulate a proper strategy and outline the available visa options for your case.  For each visa option that may be relevant to your circumstances, we will explain all the visa requirements, the associated visa costs, the likely duration for the process and our opinion of the chances of success.

Legal consultations are 50mins in duration and must be booked in advance.  All consultations are provided by experienced Australian immigration lawyers.  If you decide to move forward and engage our lawyers to prepare and manage your visa matter, Live Work Australia will deduct the cost of the initial consultation from our professional fees to prepare your visa application.


Advisory Visa Assistance Appointments

Advisory Visa Application Assistance is suitable for clients who wish to manage their own visa application and use an Australian immigration lawyer to check through their visa application and supporting documentation before they lodge their visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

All forms and supporting documentation must be emailed to our office before your appointment.  A qualified immigration lawyer will check through your forms and supporting documentation before your appointment.  During your consultation you will be advised of any corrective action you should take prior to visa lodgement.   This may include identifying gaps in your ability to meet the legislative requirements or insufficient documentary evidence to support your visa application.  

Advisory Visa Application Assistance includes 2.5 hours of legal assistance and review.  Advisory Visa Application assistance is not suitable for clients who are appealing a negative visa decision or are applying for a business or refugee visa.

How to book a consultation

Call us on 1300 230 313

Fill out our enquiry form and provide your preferred date and time of consultation.  We will contact you back within one business day to arrange and confirm your consultation time.

Please note that this time will be Melbourne Australian time. Our consultation hours are 9:30 am to 5:30PM Monday to Friday. Please be aware of time differences depending on your location and time zone.

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