2021 Concessions to offshore visa grant requirement

The Department will waive the requirement for certain family visa subclass applicants to be offshore for grant of their visas in early 2021. The Department have posted the following message on their website: It is intended that changes will be implemented in early 2021 that would allow certain family visas, which have been applied for outside Australia, to be granted while the visa applicant is in Australia. This temporary concession will be for people… Read More

I have overstayed my visa in Australia. Can I now lodge a partner visa in Australia?

I accidentally overstayed on my Australian visa. I was unlawful for 10 months and now hold a Bridging Visa E (BVE). I am currently in a relationship with an Australian citizen and she wishes to sponsor me on a spouse visa. Can I remain in Australia and lodge the partner visa here or must I leave the country and apply for the partner visa offshore?    If I lodge the partner visa offshore,… Read More