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What Sets Us Apart

 We employ only the best in the business We only have qualified Australian Registered Immigration Lawyers handling your case. Our lawyers are on top of legislative changes and case law and clients are always provided with accurate and reliable immigration advice.  

Our processes  We use state of the art technology and systems so our advice is always provided in a timely manner.

We are innovative No challenge is too small.  Our team are dedicated in finding a visa solution for you and working out a strategy for you to migrate to Australia.

We are ethical  We only take on matters with a high prospect of success.  If you will not meet the requirements to obtain a visa to Australia we let you know. We do the right thing by our clients.

We provide post visa support to clients. We help you hit the ground running when you arrive in Australia.  On visa approval we send you a complimentary copy of a quarterly magazine filled with useful tips for Australian visa holders.   We also offer a complimentary consultation which can be accessed once you arrive in Australia. This invaluable service can be utilised if you need advice on renewing your visa, changing visas, or have any other migration related issue.

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