PGM Migration Lawyers

PGM Migration Lawyers are in the business of providing solutions on all matters relating to Australian Immigration Laws: skilled migration, business, family, student, refugee and humanitarian, and a range of various other categories of migration.

We act for private individuals, corporations and the Commonwealth Government. We service all major cities and regional areas of Australia but our clients can come from all demographics and any global destination.

Our services are customised to cater for a broad range of needs in the field of Immigration and include the provision of educational and advisory services, professional consulting, and client representation and appeals.

Our processes are streamlined, efficient and up to date. We work closely with the Australian Department of Immigration to achieve timely outcomes for clients.



PGM Migration Lawyers was founded by the principal Stacey Nitchov ( L.L.B., B.A., MARN: 0851061).

Stacey Nitchov has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Australian Immigration Law. She has a background in research and lecturing at a tertiary level, experience and knowledge gained through working within the Australian Department of Immigration itself, and a number of years serving and representing clients wanting to either visit, study, work, or live in Australia. Stacey’s team of associates add a range of skills to augment her own, including the expertise of Business Counselors and Marketing Consultants to support Business Migration clients.

PGM’s services are delivered with thoroughness, attention to detail, sensitivity, and a work ethic characterised by hard work and diligence to achieve desired outcomes for clients.

Areas of specialisation:

Business Migration

Skilled Migration

Family Migration

Student Visas

Criminal Offences in breach of the Migration Act 1958

Visitor Visas

Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

Other Visas



Ministerial Intervention

Character submissions

Health Waivers

Removal of no further stay conditions

Quality standards

Three main principles govern the delivery of our service:

- A superior and up to date knowledge base

- A caring and systematic approach in all cases

- A determination to achieve positive outcomes

These principles are applied and implemented in all client interaction and work practices.


We are affiliated with Live Work Australia.

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